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The 5 Habits of Conscious Success

Mini E-Book

As you begin to walk on the path of awakening and start steering yourself towards life mastery, you will come to realize that success is defined by one thing: The consistency of happiness and harmony in your daily life.

However, the path of Life does not come with a map or a guide for most of us.

The best you may be able to do is to look over at the "Joneses" and take your cues from how much stuff they have.

But true happiness and fulfillment isn't measured in "accumulated stuff." It is created by developing supportive lifestyle habits. And then living thoser habits, day-in and day-out.

In this E-Book, you will learn the 5 fundamental daily habits that I assimilated from living and working with them on a daily basis for 10 years as a monk, living in a monastery/ashram environment.

Master your routine and master your life at the same time!

The 5 Habits of Concscious Success: $21.95



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Shift Happens-Decision Making PDF

Life can change on a dime...and it can be for better or worse, depending on the choices you make. Have you ever made a decision that did not turn out well? Have you ever looked back and regretted the decision you made?

Wouldn't you like to know how to avoid regrets and make the choice that is right for you, because it COMES FROM YOUR HEART?

There is no substitute for living in alignment with your truth.

That truth comes to you through the voice of your heart, but sometimes it is difficult to hear your heart. It often only whispers. However, using Breathflow techniques of conscious connected breathing can help amplify your heart's voice, so you can hear the message that is most in alignment with your highest path, and make that choice for a life that evolves and thrives.

Some possible life-changing decisions:

  • Do I stay in my marriage or file for divorce?
  • Do I leave my job to start working on my own?
  • Do I move to this town/state/country or another one?
  • Do I spend money on something I really want, or is it better put towards something else?

When you choose what is alignment with your heart, you don't feel remorse or regret or second guess your decision. You move forward with confidence and conviction and take control of your life!

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