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Home Breathwork Study Course with Guided Breathflow Journeys

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Instruction and guided sessions for the exploration of breathwork

in the comfort of your own environment.

Breathflow Integrative Breathing is a self-healing process that activates your energies to cope, heal and thrive.

Benefits are experienced on multiple dimensions of being: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

Benefits of the Breathflow Integrative Breathing Process:

Physical: Learning to breathe in a healthier way. Foundation of physical health

More oxygen equals more energy to ALL of your body:

Muscles--Stronger and more endurance

Brain--Sharper, better memory and less brain fog

Organs--More efficient function

Senses--Greater capacity to enjoy the sensations taste, touch, smell, seeing and hearing

Greater capacity for detoxification

Better quality sleep, helping with sleep issues

Reinforcing immune system

Strengthening respiratory system

Release of Chronic pain

Emotional: Processing old unintegrated emotions from early and recent life experiences

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Emotional catharsis: Releasing old emotion energy

Ability to harmoniously deal with difficult situations

Balancing emotions

Developing healthy relationship with ALL emotional states

Spiritual: Directly accessing Life Force Energy (Prana, Chi) to connect with higher Self

Greater intuitive insight

Enhanced creativity

Connection to Self, others, and Source

Understanding place and purpose in Universe

Blissful contentment

This course contains 12 Video and Audio Modules, which include:

Introduction (with cameo by Gregg Braden)

The Benefits of the Breathflow Integrative Breathing Technique

The Breathflow Technique: Step-by-Step

What to Expect During Your Session

Additional Points to Consider

Bonus: Intention Setting Exercise

Set Up and Supplies: What Do You Need to Breathe?

Photos of Set Up

Introduction to the Guided Short Session for Daily Practice (with downloadable Audio file)

Breathflow 5-Minute Daily Maintenance Session (with downloadable Audio file)

Breathflow Full 50-Minute Guided Journey - Audio File, downloadable

Conclusion - Beyond Your Practice

For the price of less than 2 group workshops, or less than half the price of a private session, this courses provides you with the opportunity to have an unlimited number of sessions whenever and wherever you want!



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